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Founded by Dave Farrow, the Guinness Record Holder for Greatest Memory, Farrow Communications has a reputation for brain-based marketing and mnemonic messaging - making brands unforgettable.


What sets successful authors and speakers apart from those who never realize their dreams? It all starts with having the right mindset.  In this video, Dave pulls no punches and dives into the moral and political roots of the mindset for success. 


Authors, speakers, and experts are passionate about their topics but turning that into profit is an art. In this video, we will show you techniques to leverage your expertise into a money-making endeavor. Farrow Communications offers many creative ways to support experts so they can get a return on investment.


Want more people to know about your brand, book, or business? A great way to boost sales is to increase visibility and get social proof by appearing in the media. Buying traditional ad space is expensive. In this video, we will show you how to EARN free placements in radio, print, and TV by transforming your topic into a media-friendly story.  This lesson takes you behind the media curtain and shows you exactly what to do to secure high profile media placements like TODAY Show, Inc. Magazine, Forbes, InStyle, HLN, E! News, and more!

Michael Hoolihan & Bonnie Harvey

Michael Hoolihan & Bonnie Harvey, Founders of Barefoot Wine™

Dave and Farrow Communications have impressed us and our team. They really know how to take a business to the next level.”


Founder of Gymboree & Yoga Works

“When marketing a brand, it's important who you work with. That’s why I recommend Farrow Communications headed by Dave Farrow. They are first-rate: Dave and his team have done my social media, worked on my website, and helped with strategy and branding for my speaking career. I highly recommend hiring them for your next marketing campaign efforts.”

Frank Shankowitz

Founder of the Make-A-Wish Foundation

“Dave Farrow has the experience in Marketing, PR, and speaking. He knows his stuff because he has actually done it for himself as well as his clients. I would highly recommend working with him and his team.”


Famous Best Selling Author, Speaker & Guru

Think of Dave Farrow as an ‘accelerationist'. Working with him and his team like putting your foot on the accelerator – once it’s on, there’s no stopping! I’d recommend business owners and other people seeking a public presence to get Dave’s materials. Work with Dave. Get his advice and counsel and just see where it takes you."


Founder of UGG Boots

“I took an interest in Dave because of his passion for being an entrepreneur, and his brain powers. He has great insight, advice and experience to help new entrepreneurs and existing companies to be more successful. I highly recommend working with Farrow Communications”


Best-Selling Author, Top Speaker, Founder of Secret Knock

“Farrow Communications is professional, easy to work with, and most of all, they get results. My book and brand have been blowing up. Dave Farrow and his team at got me in Business Insider, Inc. Online, KUSI-TV, KFMB-TV, and more! I highly recommend them.”


Author & Editor of ``All The Women In My Family Sing``

"Farrow Communications helped promote the release of the anthology I edited. They worked hard to get my voice and message right on the pitch and they sent the story to the right audience. In addition to securing numerous book reviews on blogs and radio interviews, they also secured features in huge outlets like NPR, Bust Magazine, and Ms. Magazine. I definitely recommend their services to anyone promoting a book."
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